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NOLF2 crashes, and doesn't want to join multiplayer

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Hey people!


Firstly, I must say it's very nice to be back here...


Then, I must annoy you a bit with a tech problem. This might seem a bit logical, or even obvious since it's the tech section, I know. So, here we go...


NOLF2 starts normally. The menus show up, Cate moves, no problem. Here's my configuration :


- AMD Opteron 144 (not overclocked yet)

- Windows XP family edition, 32 bits

- 1GB RAM, DDR 400 MHz

- ATI X1950 Pro (not overclocked either)


And, here's the problem : I can't join any game. I get an error message saying "error trying to retrieve information about the most recent version" or something equivalent, because I run a french NOLF2 (nobody's perfect). Originally, it just froze, but I found out it was just because of my antivirus. No more freezes, just this error message. And if I try to run a singleplayer game, cinematics work, but I'm kicked back to Windows as soon as the game sequence should start. I'm affraid it would do the same in multiplayer, anyway.


So, does anyone among you, my dear friends, know how to help me? I'm about to put an end to it all. If I can't get my dose of NOLF2 very soon, life would have no meaning anymore...


Help me, please!




Finally, everything works well, except the game itself. I can see server lists, but I still get the same Windows error message when I try joinging a game. It only says : "Client MFC Application encountered an unexpected error and must close..." well you got the picture, I guess.

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Sorry to bother, but could someone please tell me why my game crashes after loading a multiplayer level? I know this must be an issue with this game, because I've never had it happen to any others that I play. It takes me to the loading screen and right as it looks like it's going to jump into gameplay, I get kicked to my desktop. This has happens to me half the time I try to join a server. I thought maybe I was running out of memory or something but I'm running at 1 gig RAM and it usually happens after a fresh boot, so I'm really confused. Please someone tell me if I have a setting messed up or something. Thanks a lot!

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I wish I had something helpful to say to you, Jack, but the truth is I still get kicked to the desktop quite often when trying to join a multiplayer game and I've never found a cause or a cure for it. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. Generally it doesn't take more than two attempts to get into a server but once in a while it's a real pain and I end up rebooting the computer to get on. Yeah, it's annoying, but still worth the effort. :)


Oh, and welcome to UnityHQ! :bye:

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On WinXP, Pentium 3, 256MB RAM my NOLF2 never (!) crashed.

Now I have Windows Vista, 1GB DDR2 RAM, and now it sometimes crashes like yours no idea why.. just keep trying ;)

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Heard of this for another game so I'll put this out there. What type of Video card are you using and what version of the driver for it?


My machine is dual boot now (XP and Vista) and I know my Vista is being picky with several of my games too FYI.


OH and welcome to UnityHQ

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