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Ventrilo Bug

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Hi guys,


since I read about the ff5 ventrilo server in the guys vs gals topic, I thought I'd give it a try.

But here's what happens each time I join the server: It connects just as normal, I can switch channels, hear others talk and everything, but as soon as i say something, ventrilo crashes and kills its own process, so I am back at the Desktop.

That's pretty annoying, so I wanted to know if anyone else has encountered this and/or has a solution?






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@john heatman: I know now that it's not the ff5 server's fault, it doesn't work on others either.


And discomime, no, I don't use an USB mic, just a normal headset one. And it works fine with teamspeak &co

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Sep, I moved this topic to the Technical section where it might be answered quicker. Contrary to what Heatman thinks, there are a bunch of people here who use Ventrilo and maybe one of them can help.



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