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New Website - Uhost4Free.com - New Screenshots Added


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I'm starting a new website. I can't let many details go, but I will provide detailed guides and screenshots to teach people how to host:


Nolf 2 Servers

Medal of Honor Allied Assault Servers


Doom 3

Teamspeak 2


I'd like to know all the commands you know for Nolf 2 servers so I can help people as much as possible. Thanks for your help, and I will tell you when I have the website up.




Now that the domain is officially registered with me, I can reveal details about my upcoming site.


The NOLF 2 section isn't done yet, but here's what it looks like.


**edited by Bella, please resize your image, it's too big***



Notice the link to UnityHq.net


This thread has been in PCGamingWorld.net's forums, but I've also just now posted it here.

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You might add the command "runspeed 2.0" for higher speed for example (you can add lots higher values too, but it'll make it unplayble soon) also you might increase "jumpspeed" to like "jumpspeed 100" if u want to make mapscreenshots from above ;)


Furthermore for the setting up the server it isn't necessarily needed to open that 27888 port, it's only necessary that u open the port you are using in nolf2! (the default is 27888 of course, but you can also change it to 27887 in game or w/e, so in that case you would need to open port 27887 instead of that 27888 port..) Also you should add, that you'll have to open that port for UDP AND TCP, that means you kinda have to open "two" ports :) .. you might also be hosting a coop-server with more than 4 slots (what would be maximum for nolf2 ingame setup), therefor you will have to change settings in the "player.txt" file in your nolf-directory

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btw. nice screenshot of your CD-Key...

and what do you have to hide on your desktop? :P



For the commands screenshot: you can say normal sentences without - or _ if you simply type say "blah blah blah (with the " after say )

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IPB Image


i agree! "D'oh!" :)


but still..


bloo, do you remember when u gave away the scmd password for the uhq-euroserver ? LMAO!


"smcd login password" (which was something with sfi and a date, i can't remember :lol: )


That was "D'oh!" too :lol:

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