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Conviction Attempting the impossible

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I have suffered the pain of creating a Legendary Erenor SS and when faced with the challenge of upgrading my gear down the Erenor path my credit cards screamed in terror and fled my wallet during the night never to be seen again.

I have had the good fortune of having re-graded a full set of Epic Desert leather with 1 item making it to Legendary and my credit cards have promised to come back if I take the lesser path of trying to put together the impossible Legendary Ayanad Leather Set - They consider it a noble cause and a snub to the money grubbing Erenor sets

It would seem many a player has also managed to create one Leg item in their own journey to full Epic and my proposal is to swap your Leg item for an Epic one plus gold if possible, barring that I am willing to make an offer on all Leg Ayanad Gear but Desert would be great if you have it.

Big ask I know but I miss my CC's so help me get them back and create the dream Ayanad set at the same time.

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