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Any updates on anything thats related to what Trino said they'd update us on?

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Just thought it'd be worth mentioning you guys did release a letter that said you'd do more communication and I realize that there was a holiday sure, and I know that 4.0 is around the corner, but your community manager hasn't said or done anything besides an update on server status with more of the same.

1. no gem article
2. still nothing on whether prestige is coming to the shop soon
3. no information if we're going to be getting more compensation (I don't care WHAT we get it's just a general question if there IS going to be more or not)

I dunno I think your letter was just a wasted article. You haven't held up your end of anything and it's really disappointing how you can lie to your player base and still feel like you're meeting expectations.

Been around since the beginning and just pretty disappointed to be honest.

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