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TO ALL Founders and Newbies

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Many know me. These last 2 months been pure BS. I had to redo my system from a virus I got off archeage plus not play proper as was agreed by Trion or who owns Archeage. I think the last ppl that been playing OUGHT to recieve a 2 month free subscription to archeage to compensate for payment lost due to not being able to play at time DUE TO DDOS.

I Have personally put over 400 into this game bymyself. All you have to do is personally write to them tell them same crap. They should help all with 4 apex apiece for those in NA that are dealing with this BS. They making millions still. Give a lil back. It is your duty to help when your system is under attack and you know it.

This applies only if you paid for subscriptions for last 2 months with issues. Trust me they know. I cant see paying for a month or 2 when your get viruses or cant play can you?

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