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I ran across a story on /. the other day about the impending hiatus of Star Trek in general... http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=05/05/0...7&tid=214&tid=1 I for one, am very angry! pcangry.gif I personally feel that they caught the prequel virus from movies like the Phantom Menace and decided to run with it. I've heard rumors that whatever incarnation Star Trek shows up in next (if at all) it will involve another prequel scenario, possibly Starfleet Academy. Is it just me? I hate prequels!!!! I'm so tired of series digging up the past! It was fresh and interesting that the Star Wars movies explored the past of the characters (although we all know how they've turned out), but I honestly think that Berman and company are running Star Trek into the ground. I wish they would continue the story after the end of Nemesis. That universe was compelling, socially relevent, and above all, highly technological to the point where Star Trek TNG has helped shape our current technologies. Lastly, I'll try to say this nicely, I don't care much for Enterprise...Any thoughts???

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Well.................***Steps up on soapbox***


Enterprise has been it's best this season (storywise) the why is Manny Coto.


Unfortunately they brought him onboard too late.


You should visit www.trekfansunited.com


and discuss Trek in general


I personally like Enterprise probably cause I look at it as its own entity and I'm not on of those "Hey you can't do that!!!" types.



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Well, yeah I watch trek. But only the series I like, that means Deep Space Nine and The Next Generation. I only watch Enterprise to see if it get's any better in the 4th season, it does but not much. I'd say: Kick B&B and start a new serie/movie after Nemesis with a good story.

And for the other people, no I don't live in a basement. tongue.gif

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