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Black Friday & PTS

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Honestly not surprised but the Marketplace wasn't updated on PTS. I do understand this isn't technically a Live server and if we get anything at all here we should be considered lucky.

That said, part of us testing things relies on a two-way relationship. Generally speaking, those testing here are understanding and ask for very little. But we are consistently forgotten about. Which is your prerogative, but with that I hope you understand the decision that you're making in such case.

Part of what made this test server attractive to me and I'm sure others was the pseudo liveness of it. We give our time and effort, and we can benefit from this by gaining first-hand knowledge of changes, and in cases of creators like me, we can share this knowledge with the rest of the community who chooses not to play here. This scenario is a win-win, and why it is not utilized to its full potential is beyond me.

There is a score of suggestions I could make to make PTS a better test environment but none of it actually matters if something as minor as keeping the Marketplace at a minimum in line with live servers happens. I'm of the opinion it should be 1 cycle ahead just like the patches are, but that is another discussion altogether.

I've said it before and I won't be bothered to mention this is again, but can you please keep the marketplace in line with the live servers at the very least. Testing isn't just about builds it is also about items found exclusively in the marketplace. We play here to test and part of that testing requires things to be somewhat the same as live, the marketplace is a very large part of the economy of Archeage despite what anybody says, therefore the updates to it are crucial for environmental replication.

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