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double loot for open world npcs only?

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I went to library and its a 100% the same drop rate without the 2x. I spend about 1+ hour for 3 sulfur crystals. Some mobs gave only some copper/silver and thats that.. Anybody disagrees with that? The only double that did happen some times is a coinpurse and 1 random crafting. It felt limited in library anyways. Comparing it without the 2x days I tried to get some sulfur (because I cant stay there forever!!) It was the same amount of sulfur crystal with or without the 2x and at the same time I spend farming them.

I think Trion excluded library from that in order not to allow us progress gear, or to allow only low grade gear for obsidians.. thats the feel I got. All I wanted is some sulfur crystals for upgrading 3 piece of gear, but this is not the event for it.

Only the xp is good to lvl up alts.

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