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Leadership question to anybody who knows

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Everyday I do events for leadership farming but I also give my toon 4 votes as a boost in a daily bases. I dont get any leadership from votes.

I raised a ticket and I didnt understand WHY i dont get it. This is the ticket reply...


I apologize for the inconvenience the Hero system has caused, and I can understand how it may be confusing. After each voting period your current Leadership will reset to 0, this is intended design of the system. Upvotes and downvotes do not directly correlate to the amount of leadership you gain. The amount of leadership you gain from upvotes and downvotes depends on the amount of upvotes and downvotes other players of your faction get. This leadership will be awarded daily and even if you have a positive upvote and downvote ratio, you may not necessarily be awarded Leadership at the end of the day. We have been unable to locate any issues with Leadership being awarded, however if you feel that Leadership is not working correctly please feel free to post a bug on our forums:
So anybody can give me an answer why this happens? Not to get any leadership from votes for days now (?) Before I did received leadership from votes but not anymore. The GM says some times you dont, but I dont get it at all for days!

3 days in the raw 0 leadership from votes
4 days ago I recieved 65 leadership from votes
5 days ago I recieved 35 leadership from votes

so my question is, is there any trick I shall do?

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