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Speculation & Feedback: 4.5 Update - MOAR BOSS PETS!!!

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"Dynamic World - Raid

I will briefly explain the changing raid first.

I have focused on balancing the power of the server with the world boss and the raid boss.

From this update, you can add raid monsters to anyone who has the chance to grow into a pet.

It is a long-term goal to update all raid monsters, but as a first attempt, I will try to apply a heir to a specific monster that has been the center of the battle.

Raid bosses will be able to show off in their own way.

Also added is a content system to prevent monopoly of raid monsters.

I will explain in detail what will be selected as a monster, how to raise it, and changes in the overall raid next week."

As a player who has collected all the World Boss pets at the beginning of Archeage, 3 years ago, I am extremely hyped about the improvement and update to this feature.

I sincerely invite all of you to reasonably speculate and provide constructive feedback on what this new and improved system.

I cannot wait to capture Kraken, Leviathan or perhaps the Mistmerrow Tree, as the new boss pets!!!

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