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Drunken players and reservations

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Good morning everyone who is reading this upcoming drama post.

First of all, this is not an attack on trion-worlds, i'm just getting tired and pissed off with the automatic messages they send when sending a letter trough the contact form that ill go further with my complaining.

Several people doenst know how to delete their unfinished buildings. They are resevating everywhere while on the stream it sayed that it was forbidden. Why must an user have 3 trade houses in falcorth plains only? cuz of the space ofc.

when you asking gently if you can build an house on there land because there is no space and they have the unfinished building there for over weeks but still crying that they wont sell the spot cuz they need it for a clan member... hear it? they need it for a clan member a.k.a resevating.

Do something about it trion worlds, i'm getting pissed off of children who doenst know how to play this game. People are pointing fingers, cursing each other to death.

So i have also the following up about rules in ur TOS.

As it says that NPC blocking is forbidden, a lot of haulers, freighters blocking the path to the trade outlet, people standing AFK at these trade outlets to get nuian packs so other people wont have a chance to get one for their daily.

So as blocking an NPC is forbidden? why are they still playing? why are we still playing if trion doenst do sh*t about their own TOS and rules?

The game is dieing due children that doenst know how to play the game, and people that would like to stream the gameplay, promoting and such stuff must have at least 10k subs. why 10K if i have gameforge, t3fun, chubbypixels and so on under my wing without any min req needed to promote trionworlds their games.

People getting banned for no reason, people getting banned because they cant handle the truth. If i get banned, warned or anything else, a paper from my lawyer will be on your doorstep.

( p.s, you guys wanted me to say this in the forums, so dont mute or ban me then as well. i wanted to talk this without dragging everyone into this, but due ur auto mails, u just cutted yourself in your own fingers. )

so why? why being a d*ck to everyone and not taking actions? because of the DDOS? thought these servers where on anti DDOS servers with a back fall if a sector gets attacked so none would feel any probs while being ingame?.

i loved to play this game so much, i even got banned with my very first week of playing after the beta due this chatbug thingie. such a happy time back those days. but what i see in game is more racism, hate speeches, treating, breaking rules, being kids, blocking NPC and that list can go on if needed.

Please trionworlds, do something about this none-sense.

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