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Maybe not for everyone important, BUT, for me

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Lovely guys, I am not only a player, I am also a fanatical home builder in AA, ok, we havent the best conditions here in this game, but ok, no problem...except ONE.

Dear programmer, please thinking about the following issue, you come home, you make your home nice and sweet and, the first one after you open the door is .... a big, fat, stupid blue sign is plopping up. and if you are standing right next a cheer or bed, the next comes up. Can you please, please, and 100once please fix that stupid blue sign, that says you: here you can sit, here you can.... I KNOW IT. What the heck was wrong with this programmer maked this feature? XD Thank you for removing or fixing it. Maybe just give us an option to make it invisible :)

Edit: We know, you guys in asia are happy about that stuff, but here in europe we dont like that issues, thx :) :)

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