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The Gear Gap: Player Suggested Solutions and Counter Arguments

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I don't know how to start these things so let's just jump riiight in:

The gear gap is a huge topic of conversation for players who are in the higher bracket of gear and those in the not so high, there's always been discussions of how to improve it ranging from free gear, nerfs and less rng on things.

In other topics I've started such as this one there also started some talks of how to improve the gear gap and I'm here to offer some insight, my own personal opinion, offer arguments both for and against ideas and start a (hopefully) well balanced and non flammable discussion within the topic about the opinions of players from what we would consider both sides of the coin.

To start the discussion off with an understanding of which side of the proverbial coin I am at, I'm currently a 7.7k gearscore Primeval/Ebonsong that resides in a player nation on Tempest. I've lead guilds made of faction pugs in the past, and before that lead Pirate pug raids too.

What is the "Gear Gap" and why do I care?

The gear gap as a whole seems to be a distressing topic of conversation for those players below what has been mutually agreed on as about 6k gearscore, and a frustrating topic for those above. Distressing in that players below the gear "average" feel their voices are silenced by the louder majority of higher geared players and that their opinions and suggestions be overlooked as well as newer players having an extremely hard time to reach the gearscore/gearlevel that is recommend to begin a pvp lifestyle which can ultimately lead to a lost player. The frustration for someone of a higher gear level can depend on person to person, a lot of us of a higher gearscore are simply referred to as "p2w" no matter how long and how hard we may have farmed for said gear and don't want "just anyone" to come along and be at a similar if not same level. Other players may of course have "swiped" for said gear, and would hate to think their money was wasted. Other frustration can come from wanting people to fight, but fights being too easy.

I personally care as I come in the latter bracket, while I've been caught in Vilanelle back in the day with hauler upon hauler or maybeaccidentallyonpurpose let my packs run out because I simply made too many, I want more players to be at a level in which I can enjoy fighting them and they can enjoy fighting me. How they get to it, doesn't bother me anymore.

Gear versus Skill at an average GS level

To talk about gear first, it's just unspoken and expected that if you go head to head with someone about double your gear, you're probably going to lose. It isn't your fault and no, it isn't their fault either and it definitely shouldn't be part of the "close the gear gap" argument. Why? In any mmo that has elements of pvp, the person with the higher gear should have a better chance at winning, this is just normal pvp expectations and it shouldn't be something that can be cried about, it's logical that the closer you are to the opponents gear, the more chance for a victory there is while vice versa the further away you are, the less chance. On the other side, any 4k darkrunner that gets those chain trips on me probably has me dead.

Skill is a very hard subject to talk about, since we also have the multiple classes that can be played which makes things complicated so I will address it as openly as I possibly can. As highlighted earlier, you can have all the skill in the world but if you're in Civilian Cloth, then chances are that Divine Erenor guy is probably gonna look at you and you'll die; so we'll be discussing skill from an average which was prior "agreed" on at about 5k ish assuming PVP gems for Resi and Toughness are there. I've played against archers with much better gear than me and won, I kited where needed to and used abilities where it would suit best which it basically what's needed in all pvp but no-one is of course perfect and everyone makes mistakes but what is important here is that someone with enough skill to understand where and when things need to be done has a far better chance of a victory than someone without that awareness. I've seen 5k and even soulforged players in my old Haranya guild take on members of a player nation with far superior gear, against all kinds of classes. Well timed stuns, better timed concussive arrows, boneyards, frigid tracks all played a part (remember it's multiple players, not some weird Melee Mage Archer thing going on...) in ensuring that these players were victorious. Against more players, something I did when I transferred to a server before the evolution was experiment with what anyone would basically call "annoying" classes. While waiting for the evolution I was up against a player nation with far more numbers than my group of 12 that arrived and we had to vastly re-evaluate things. Eventually after losing for a while, we managed to make a comeback once we learned how their players moved and acted, and we counteracted it. While this still isn't something some people can do, part of some issues is that players are unwilling to adapt.

Closing/Helping the Gear Disparity

Some of the suggestions I will give here are from comments on my original post inthe Player Nation discussion topics.
From Ricki:

Originally Posted by Ricki View Post
What needs to happen is the creation of some kind of mechanic which only benefits lower end players while not entirely stripping the advantage earned by those who have put in the time and effort to acquire high end gear. Perhaps it could be done through the lunagem/lunafrost system.

The problem with this particular suggestion is how it is to be implemented without ruining the work of players with higher gear considering the effort it took to get there no matter what the method. With 4.0 approaching and the new gem system, I might actually wait to comment on this one until we have the full 4.0 build. I do, however, agree with a mechanic or idea in place to benefit only the lower geared players.

Originally Posted by Se7ge View Post
give a permanent big buff for Nuia and Harania Alliance

I'd like to point in the direction of the Statue Buff in Austera and Marianople. This, with the hero buff, gives double what player nations statue has, if even we build the statue. While it isn't a huge boost, it's roughly what you're talking about. On the other hand, if that were to happen then it would either need to be very overpowered to be worth the buff slot or it would need to by stylised per player. One other problem I can see with it is, I've known guilds on servers with player nations very easily counter attack them. Giving them such a buff would be overkill.

This is actually my favourite, to date and it's something that I'd love to have

Originally Posted by Trubbles
s well as some sort of gear improvement thing... something akin to erenor, where... sure basic is lame, but it doesn't get destroyed trying to improve it, and with some hard work and investment it could become great

What I'd love to see akin to this is gear that is upgradable gear that is like Erenor but without the huge stats versus other gear. Gear that is bound and goes to a point that is enough for pvp using the spare gear we collect along the way that outranks soulforged but can only be upgraded to a certain point using quest/dungeon gear, to stop people from simply feeding alts.

This is just a beginning and I'd love to see some topic of conversation about ways to close the gear gaps, how it'd work and how to ensure that players who want to be able to partake in pvp content even at starting out the game can do so.

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