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BigDataDude: Connectivity Issues

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Just for your information, I have run private game servers in the past that were attacked by DDOS, and simply put you get what you pay for. Which in lamen terms means that even if the ISP is being attacked, and this issue continues for more than 2 days, they can not do anything about this. DDOS protection means your IP is protected against attacks,, not ISP. Hence the name Protection.Just an FYI before you say to people you don't have experience with issues, make sure they actually don't have experience with these kinds of things.Sorry but that bottom quote shows you actually don't understand how the Internet infrastructure really works .

It actually shows a good understanding. You see, if the problem wasn't being mitigated continuously and fast then everyone on an NA server would not be online 100%. Seriously, if this wasn't being handled correctly no one would be playing for even a second in NA. Right now a DDOS hits and people get bumped off, it is mitigated very quickly and people stop getting disconnected and can log on right away.Lets do as muzzy suggested:

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Many users have expressed suggestions of what to do, but, being as they are not experienced with dealing with the DDoSing of data centers, the infrastructure of the internet, in regards to how our data flows through it, and effective pre/counter measures, I think it'd be better to continue trusting that our experienced, dedicated, and talented staff are making the best decisions they can for you all.

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