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Gameplay for an average player

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I'm average geared player at Shatigon server and I try to do a lot of rifts and events.
I want to share my thoughts about some things that really bother me and my friends.

Abyssal Attack/Lusca
Playernation is owning the island, harvesting all the crystals. There is no way any nation can stop them. It is an event with tons of free gold and honor just for the playernation.

Mistmerrow Battle
Mistmerrow is not about pvp or any competition anymore, it is "run to the towers and pray to destroy them before your whole raid will be instantly wiped out". Most people won't even finish the quest, simply because playernation is all over the place. Pirates won't even show up anymore (I guess 19 pirates left on server, others joined playernation because it is beeing pirate with more advantages) they would not stand a chance there anyways. Mistmerrow is also a huge honor feast for playernation. Other nations try to lucky cap the towers that playernation did not cap (Probably out of compassion) to either win or lose randomely in the last minute. Is this how Mistmerrow was supposed to work?

Crimson/Grimghast/Ocleera/Kraken/Anthalon/Meina&Glenn/Leviathan/Hanure/Jola and so on ...
Also basically belong to playernation if they want to, plus tons of honor for killing everyone trying to do it.

If there was a chart to display the total gearscore/player amount and activity of people at above ingame contents, I feel like it would look like this:

50% Playernation
30% Nuia
19% Haranya
1% Pirates

And I can't believe no actions are taken and total population/gearscore/strength of a nation is beeing limited or controlled to give other nations a chance. Playernation will constantly increase all their members gold income and together with other advantages rise their gearscore more and more. The game is already so much unbalanced that free soulforged gear has to be gifted with almost every year increasing gearscore in order to lessen the gearscore gap between players and make them able to participate in new content that will be too easy already for the big population of high geared players in playernation.

Me and my friends can rarely do any ingame content and mostly it is not worth trying and losing honor/time/gold to players that we will never be able to catch up because they control half the game and grow too fast.

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