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Have so many questions about game . thank you for answer tho

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If you dont have time to answer all, its also okay, you can also pick a question to answer, thanks a lot ! I appeciate your answer and I need all of the opinions.

1 - ) About profiencies; I understood, higher profiency means = less labor for craft - gather etc . also less time for crafting. and its neccesary for crafting higher items etc. but thats all ? for example. at 8 k gathering I collect 3-4 lavender from per seed. so if I would have 150 -200 k profiency, it would be still same amount ?

2- ) About profiencies; I can reach 230 k with just 1 profiency ? or I can pick 2-3 profiency to reach 230 k

3- ) About dairy pen; I just tried to get some milk from dairy pen, but the product was too cheap to spend labor on it and dairy pen is also looks expensive. The question is, there is many people who spend their labors on dairy pens , why they does it even if they can make much more gold from cargo etc.

4- ) About primeval; does dream ring worth to use on primeval ? (yes/no)

5- ) About primeval; is best bet for a primeval, obsidian short spear - obsidian dagger ? or dual dagger ? why ?

6 ) About primeval; should I get evernight necklace as a primeval ? or there is more good one ?

7- ) About primeval; have celestial gha set at the moment . and now, trying to get divine ayanad gale bow. probably it will take 20-25 more day. The question is, will I be happy with ayanad gale bow's dps even with celestial gha set ? or it wont do that much difference ?

8 -) About houses; I heard , harvester farmhouse is best bet to get as a house. does it worth ? and also I heard something about armorers house etc but I couldnt find out about armorer house design etc. any info about that ?

9 -) About mounts; I realy want to get fire arrow horse (500 gilda mirage horse), but someone says, its too slow while comparing with thunder dash, and dat kirin mount, will I lose so much thing if I get that fire arrow horse ? or I should just get what my eyes likes ?

10-) About pet armors: There are craft table for pet armors. and there are different kinds of pet armors, the question is , they looks different ? or they just look all the same and just got different stats ?

Thanks a lot ! took a coffee and waiting for your answers !

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