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Muzzy: Connectivity Issues

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Hello everyone,I heard back from the team working with the ISPs to mitigate the continual intermittent DDoS attacks. They have let me know that we (and the ISPs) are employing all of the industry SoPs (standard of practices) to deal with this issue. Due to the layout of the internet framework and architecture, and the nature of these attacks, there is no cure-all that can be employed. However, we are able to lessen the burden on our service by quite a bit in comparison to what it would be otherwise. We are shifting our approach based on each wave of attacks to defend against them as best as possible. We work directly with our ISPs to find the best possible solutions to each attack.We have, and use, our redundant upstream ISPs.Our equipment and solutions are in line with industry standards.We will work on compensation once we know the full extent of the impact this has had on the service.Our team is taking this very seriously and committed to working consistently to reduce the affects of this attack.Cheers,Muzzy

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