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problems in: chapter 12, command deck


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glad i found this site, hope you can help me, i've searched through the internet but still have not found a solution yet,...


in chapter 12 -> command deck


i got the "supercomputer manual v1.0" and returned the keycard back to spencer (through the intercom) he says thanks and that's it, there is no note that he'll be back soon or stuff like that, i also can't find him in the bathroom downstairs *cry*


anyone any idea what i'm doing wrong?





nolf 2 with update v1.3 @ AMD XP 2400+ with ATI Radeon 7500 and CREATIVE SB Audigy LS

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I think Scorp's right, you have to get manual v 1.0 (well, that's ok), go to the computer room, try to use the comp (it'll tell you you need manual v. 2.0), go back to Spencer's (you'll find the note, this time), go to the bathrooms to get the guy.


The computer room is easy to recognize. There are tons of control panels in it and the "computer" in the middle can be right-clicked and used.




DOH! I forgot something important: welcome to the forum, Bubbles! smile.gif

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@[TNT] Sonic Goo: yeah, i used that one, but there were 2 confusing things:


1st in the Unity HQ you have to turn on the power to disable all bombs (nothing about that mentioned in the walkthrough)


2nd the description with spencer was quite confusing

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