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No new prizes for 2017 Feastival Event? Community Veterans, please confirm.

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This festival offers some great Flowerbed Decor which can be purchased with flower petals (see above) and 30 Coins or 50 Coins for the Chromatic or Golden version. You can also get the Balsam Garden Instrument Decor or a special Ishvaran Contest Decoration for 50 Coins for your home! For those seeking a little boost, the Vibrant Greenman Buff (increases Magic Defense +200 for 1h) and the Evergreen Yata Buff (increases Physical Defense +200 for 1h) are available to exchange for 10 Coins each.

Also be on the lookout for special cooking themed weapon skins for all of your weapons, including:
The Butter Beheader Sword
The Croissant Cleaver Greatsword
The Marmalade Manger Katana
The Hummus Humiliator Nodachi
The Jamspreader Jackknife Dagger
The Short Salad Fork Shortspear
The Long Dinner Fork Longspear
The Short Whisk Whaler Scepter
The Mightly Whisk Walloper Staff
The Cornclobberer Club
The Great Cornclobberer Greatclub
The Pizza Cutter Axe
The Great Stromboli Slicer Greataxe
The Iron Skillet Shield
The Scallion Sniper Bow

All skins are 80 Coins each."

So... Unless I am reading this wrong, there seems to be nothing new in this year's Feastival event, as compared to the past Feastival event, right?

If this is correct, this means Trion is steering away from releasing new items during events.

Although I'm quite sure that the Feastival Event Coin awarded for doing the event's grind would be unique to this year's usage again, and that shouldn't be taken as the "unique item" for this year's event.

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