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Quillodon: Why did they lower t3 honor stats

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This'll be covered in greater detail in an article and livestream later this week. But the short version is:1) They didn't lower the t3 stats of existing gems. They created a whole new category of lunagems, and are only releasing t1 and t2 in this update. T3 comes later.2) Yes, it's totally about tempting you with progression. No surprises there.3) More importantly: This will actually provide a lot of people with the ability to shrink the gear gap, gem-wise. Many of us can't afford to full-gem our gear, ESPECIALLY with the highest-level t3 crafted gems and t4 honor gems. So we're stuck with either partially-gemmed gear that we're too afraid to risk another gem on, and/or using lunascales that don't break but are worse than t3. But good news, everyone! NONE of the new lunagems break!This means you can finally fill in those last few slots on each of your honor-gem pieces without fear of breaking all the existing gems in them. Sure, it's not gonna be as good as fully-gemming with all t4--but it gives you the OPTION of safely raising your total stats right now without having to risk everything. Also, most of the new t2 gems are as good or better than existing lunascales. Meaning if you're already fully-scaled, you're fine. But if you're still working on filling up your gear, you can instead use these fancy new gems that can be safely removed during regrading, reused on different items, and upgraded later when t3 comes out!Anyway. It's actually way more complicated than that, a bunch of stuff has changed, moved, or been removed, and there are a ton of weird gemming/gearing possibilities if you choose to mix and match old+new gems. But we'll get into all that on the livestream, where I will basically rant at you for half an hour while chugging sugar-free rockstar.See you then!-Quill

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