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Bound item reduction please

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I would like to suggest making a change to bound items. How about making it 2 bound can be made into 1 unbound. It doesn't even have to be that generous. Make it 5 = 1 unbound, anything to help us clear out the stuff we cant use from events.

Think of all the server space that would clear up, I mean sure, we the players would be helped but I'm really thinking of Trions servers. Help us help you.

I got really into the Diamond shores pumpkin smash event and now I have 900+ bound eco fuel I'm never gonna use and hundreds of xp boosts and I still have bound grimoires from other events.

There is a precedence for this. The bound synth material we got from the event can be put on a undergarment or costume and then destroyed to get half the materials back unbound.

I am a game item pack rat, if it cant sell it and I cant use it then I will put it in an otherworld chest until the day the game ends because I might need it someday even though I wont. I cant be the only person cluttering up the game. Think of all the mails you wont have to send on the next set of mergers.

Ok and one last thing. Please make obsidian unbound at a certain point or make it reversible unbound as in, if you have an epic t6 just sitting there and don't want to t7 it or yolo it then should be able to make it t5 and resell it unbound. make it the same mats to go from t4 to t 5 as it would be to go from t6 to t5. Just a thought.


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