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200 Series Car Issues

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At the current state of archery - there are many archers who can take out these cars from 35m with just a couple hits. This is a problem.

The problem is the 100 Sand. It should be one way or the other please...

Either I have a chance to get away because the car is strong enough to take a couple hits while I run for it... Or... after the two hits and all my packs falling on the ground I should not have the added insult of paying 100 sand to repair that piece of crap.

We have archers on Conviction coming out of stealth, killing the car and going right back into stealth again...their only purpose is to be a troll and grief the car owner because of current game mechanics.

Yes I understand I do not have to take the car out in a hostile area and it is a pvp game... please do not ruin the thread with those useless comments... If you think the car is a good strength or the cost is balanced well...fine, go ahead and argue that...

Look forward to hearing some opinions.

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