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Nolf1 Multi Player Character Mod

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http://coty.ms11.net/downloads/nolf/character_mod/n1cm.htm adds about 40 new milti-player characters to Nolf1. The link is at the bottom of the page.



awesome !!


If you like we could host the files as well.

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Hey, I have a weird question... on that one that looks like an anime character, is that whole big head counted as a head shot area or just part of it?

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You know what? I don't know!!!


I never thought about that. I'm not sure how Nolf1 figures the head shots. I'll have to look into it.


Ok, I was supposed to name the pieces, or body parts, HEAD, TORSO, ARM, LEG, etc in MEdit. This would have given hit points to the nodes depending on which part was hit. I didn't name any parts (pieces) in MEdit, so it would default to 0 zero, which, I believe, should be the arms and legs. (DWORD) 0 in modelbutes.txt


In other words, I believe any hit on any model would be equivalent to hitting the arms and legs. No head shots. All the players will be a little harder to kill, I guess, unless I named the pieces in MEdit. Some would take a normal shot for the head and body though. Let me check it out:


These models can take a head shot:




Indian Hero





thug action


The rest don't have a head piece name correctly.



Forgot about that!!



I believe this to be correct.

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A very good question. You got me... :D:D


If this is not the case, it would be decided on which joint was hit. The joints are named correctly and are the same, so all the players would be equal, decided by the radius around the node and not related to the piece. A bigger head wouldn't matter.

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After looking at some models in MEdit and reading the modelbutes more closely, I believe the latter is true. The joints (nodes) have a radius around them that determines hit detection, not the piece names in MEdit, or the size of the pieces. All models would be the same, and head shots would be determined by the radius of the joint being hit, and not the model geometry.

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