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Balance Trip / STUN

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hello all

Many off u , would like to see more chalanging longer gamplay and More balanced Pvp.
Many off u see everywhere DR's :)
Many off u was killed without chance for reaction.

Problem is chain Trip, in case Primevals , Strun > Trip . Both CC in compare to other CC, r not stoped by damage, so u can be locked , and cant respond in any way.

I saw on forums that ppl want see immunity to Trip after 3-4trip in row. but this can be bypassed by putting 2 trips + stun than 2 trips.

I see 2 sollutions:
1. after 5 seconds CC like Trip/stun u get immunity for 2-3 seconds.
2. Stun /Trip should have chance CC be broken by damage but lower chance than Fear like 15% chance.

i would like see your opinion, and Trion Dev team too

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