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fresh start with a better concept..

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hi everyone,

im always playing in the PTS and trying the new things but i think the problem is not from nerfing and buffing the things inside the game there is not much the game lacks and the main problems come From (why the people leaving after 2 to 3 months from each update) what you need to make the game perfect is :

1. make archeage as a subscription

2. do limit for the items prices in the auction for example: the charcoal sells for 3 gold and one 100% will not sell more than 10 or 15 gold so make the limit for it a 30 gold so no one sell it for 1000 gold for transferring and like celestial 2000 gold and divine 10000 gold and epic 30000 gold limit ex...

3. do not delete APEX just make 2 market places one for apex one for money
the apex market place for skins and some housing decorations
and the money market place for P2W
but the best thing to do just delete the things that can let people get advantages one other
some p2w never hurt but not a too much

4. this one is amazing if you want to make people feel thrilled and play too much :
(FAST SERVER as a FRESH START) : this is about playing with plants with 70% reduced time to get and money is 70% extra in everything, 70% faster leveling ,but also what get fast should go fast so 70% in losing honor in fights and like this fresh server and also new thing to experience it will be amusing i have the full idea in papers give me a mail and i will send it

5. if you still want to make 2 types of player who pay in game just make 2 kind of subscription (regular) and (gold) better labor and better loyalty tokens


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