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Alpha Style Server

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Many players and streamers refer to the Alpha as some of the best gaming experiences they've ever had, and it would be a great build style to introduce into a fresh server (We don't want to support a private scam server). The most major difference in alpha compared to launch was NO REGRADING.

You were rocking awesome gear with unique illustrious, and there was no epics or mythics to be had. This is the cure to the gear gap and p2w stigma, and makes for some interesting pvp when most people are on a level playing field. There were no Freighters roaming around, as it was capped at wagon for trade vehicles. Magic stats worked for healing (as it does on the mobile app) so classes like Gypsy were viable without having to weapon swap mid fight.

If i am mistaken on any of this, or you have suggestions please comment. :cool:

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