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FS Servers- Do it right!!

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Hopefully Trion does something to help reduce the amount of F2P account abuse and bots otherwise they will have the same issues. Good solution- You must spend real $$ to activate an account to get 1 month patron.. APEX WILL NOT WORK for account activation! Once an account is activated, you can continue to pay for patron status with apex if desired. You would definitely see a decrease in alts and bots if people need to pay real $$ each time to make an account and people would less likely exploit if they know an account can get banned and they cant just create another free one. Also eliminate the ability to have an account that can access both EU and NA to eliminate labor/apex exploit. If new people cant come up with the RL money to activate an account, have them create a free one on legacy. This method will not eliminate alts but will generate more sales for Trion and greatly keep alt/bot abuse down. I'm sure someone who doesn't want to spend any money on this game will cry about whales having an advantage... they have one anyway with or without this method.

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