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How's about explaining:
-your justification for increasing the price of tier 1 seeds/seedlings (those buyable with silver) by 250% a few patches ago
-your justification for the proposed upcoming increase in the number of raw mats to make ingots/lumber/etc. by 66% (from 300 to 500)
-how does increasing the above prices affect new players?
-do you think mindless clicking is 'content' and if not why so much mindless clicking (my EU chars ended up with 60 gift coins and to claim the 200 labor pots it took 'click-click-click-doubleclick-click-click' plus mouse movements for each of the 60 coins!)
-why, after more than 3 years, do you still get event starting/ending times wrong?
-why, after more than 3 years, is there still a problem with claiming the login tracker things (they can turn blue and be clickable but if 24 or 22 or whatever hours haven't passed we get the message 'you've already claimed this today' and lose the opportunity to claim for that day)
-why are QoL improvements almost completely ignored? (I don't think I've ever used the auction option in the AH but still every time I sell something I have to enter prices there -- more useless clicking)
-when I open my pack and the AH menu they overlap. I understand different pack sizes and monitor sizes and resolutions make it differ for many, but why not save the locations of said screens so I don't have to drag one off the other every single time -- more useless clicking)
-why have the many suggestions/requests made over the past 3+ years been ignored (to the point most don't bother to resubmit them as we're realized it's just a waste of our time)?
-why do you folks ask how to improve communication every 6 months or so for the past 3+ years, only to continue your bad-communications ways?
-I could go on but this has already been a waste of my time... If you're interested how's about going back over the many posts like this over the past 3+ years...

Talk is cheap, actions count. More talk without attendant action, as has been your wont, won't cut it.

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