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This Toxic Community Killed it's own game

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I wanted to share my experience with Trion & others on my attempt to return to this game. Hopefully my feedback is useful....

Last week I decided to try and get back into Archeage after taking an approximately 12-15 month hiatus.
I am one of the players whom has played the game on and off since release. I have probably spent approximately $1-$3k CDN on the game in the form of patron and Apex purchases for two accounts. Upon logging on my character I was at a 6.9k Gear Score, which is pretty good considering I hadn't played in over a year.

Now that I have set the stage I will walk you through what my experience was like getting back into this game :

1) I wanted to try and catch-up on all the changes since I left. I heard the trading the system was overhauled, and how many larders get turned in on a service impact the spawns for sunken treasures etc. I tried to understand this however unlike EVERY other MMORPG out there, there is just zero information on the internet outside these forums on the game. The information in these forums is spotty at best, and very difficult to search through and digest.

2) I logged into the game to see what server my guy was on after all the evolution stuff. My main character was in Kyrios. So I attempted to question people in global chat about the changes, how the factions are, etc...

The basic response to every question asked was " STFU NOOB".... Yup great community.

3) I spent the time reading the forums trying to determine the right server I should be playing on, what guild to join, what Player Nation was around...

I quickly came to the conclusion this game still suffers from the same issue, and No its not pay 2 win.

Player Nations to me completely fragments the player base, and creates a system in which the elite very easily gang up on the more casual players.

It is beyond me why Trion hasn't scrapped this system, and created a limit on players per guild. Player Nations are destroying this game ,and yes this is feedback coming from a "whale". I would be spending thousands of dollars on your game per annum and playing right now if not for this issue.

A bit of a rant which was all over the place, but I hope this feedback is helpful for you from a player whom used to generate a lot of revenue for you previously.

Despite these issues there is still no other MMORPG out there like Archeage.... I will keep my account and if you ever get around to making some changes "Scrap Player Nation", I may be back....

I will leave you with this one comment:

NOBODY ... I mean NOBODY enjoys Zerg game play... not the people getting PK'd by a Zerg not the people whom participate in it... Create a system that creates an incentive for players to team up in small groups... not giant zergs that exclude casual players...

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