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An Idea for a More Stable FS Launch

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While I am not a fan of the "sub only" idea, it does bring up an interesting idea for FS. Servers.

Problem: For the first few days of FS 3.0 the server was wracked with instability and massive queue times as everyone and their dog attempted to log in. Many of the people trying to log in were F2P players, who were never going to make it through the queue anyway but attempted to none the less. Honestly F2P players really have no business trying to log in for the first few days of Fresh Start given the server load, but disabling F2P players from logging in forever will lead to an even quicker death of FS server population.

Solution: Make FS servers sub only for a certain time period when FS servers launch. At least 2 days, potentially 2 weeks. Depends on your confidence in your own systems. The lack of F2P players trying to get in should relieve some pressure on the server and make the game playable for paying customers. Then have a "F2P - Catch Up" event. Essentially a little boost to make up for the fact they were locked out of the server for that initial time period. Make it a boost that only helps actual main accounts and not something abusable to make a bunch of money with F2P alts.

For example: "Welcome to F2P players. Here is a buff that gives double experience and 2x drops on abyssal shards for your first 48 hours!"

This would help F2P players get to max level and start getting into the dungeon gear faster, but really does nothing for someone who decided to hold off awhile on an making another crafting alt. If it's timed well it will actually be better for both groups. Paid players get to play first and make their land claims without the additional tax F2P players put on the server, and F2P players get some compensation for not being able to play during a period that they probably would have just been staring at endless queues anyway.

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