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Mirage Broom deleted my offhand!

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Soooo this just happened...

After a long day of pack running and gold grinding, I decided with my last bit of 300 labor I'd take my lucky butt to mirage to do the new event and then delete the broom when I was done (Cause i'm poor and don't have gold for inv space). After doing so I went to delete the broom so I requipped my legendary Shortspear by right clicking the broom and then dropped the broom out of my inventory and clicked confirmed, but it didn't just delete the broom it deleted my Searing Oath seen in the picture(Estimated 400g). I know it's not a lot of gold. But honestly kinda makes me glad I don't have a epic offhand or something else that of more worth to just have a event item destroy it. Hopefully you guys can figure something out or maybe it's just a my lucky kinda thing. Either way i have a ticket in and will keep you guys updated on the status of Pippy's [Searing Oath]. Thanks guys!

TheSilkyChicken aka Pippy aka Yakisoba alt

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