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Make ArcheAge Great Again

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Greatly increase drop rates from mobs so it doesn't take 5 hours to get the same amount of drops as it used to only take 1 hour for the same amount.
- What was the reasoning for this in the first place? Drive people away from the game? Labor is essentially finite, so why can't we just have decent drop rates? The labor is going to be used anyway and not everyone has all day...

Oh, and while we're at it can we stop removing things from the game only to add them as a pay-to-win option? Like how packs used to generate 5% income and now is only 2% with the option to pay for another 2%... and what about that extra 1%? Can you say "cash grab"?

Things like this are just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.

For example; when are we going to get fixes on game-breaking bugs like the quest update bug that causes massive lag and crashing.... or the inventory bug that causes massive lag and crashing... or the chat window bug that causes crashing... or the who knows what bug it is that causes the game to simply close without warning?
Just to name a few. NOPE, MORE CASH SHOP ITEMS, BOIS!

I want this game to succeed but at the rate it's going it's like whoever is making these kinds of decisions is hellbent on destroying this game and their reputation.

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