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Kraken is alive and well - Fun sieges this weekend

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For those of you who are on servers that lack action, Kraken is pretty active.

Omen which is lead by:
Sugoii - Psuedo
Eight - Odin
BadPuppy - Kumar
Devilz - Devilz

Feel free to contact the left side names to join Omen.

Omen has landed on Kraken (from Kyrios?) and is attempting to take castles in this weekends siege 11/05/2017. Currently the player nation "Interracial" which is run by friends and Latinus are on the defensive. Omen snatched up 4 siege scrolls 2 against west, 2 against PN. Omen is having trouble making the numbers for an effective siege, but with 4 scrolls they are almost sure to get one castle, and create a rival player nation.

In preparation for this weekends siege, Omen's east players have left the pirate faction and have joined a guild named "Jola's Protection Agency." Its an ironic name as they were killed by Interracial while attempting to kill Jola tonight.

Feel free to lend a hand and help omen out, they are recruiting... as is interracial. Omen has a 6k GS minimum requirement where interracial does not. Currently interracial has 149/200 members.

Interracial is lead by:
Guildbanks - Creativeness
Meatshield - Godlike

Feel free to contact the names on the left as well for an invite to Interracial.

Robert is leading the defense for the west. Contact Robert for a west defensive guild invite tomorrow.

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