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[Conviction] Snail Race (FACTION EVENT!)

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Hiya all! Phae here~

So Ehver of Sacred order really wanted some sort of event on the closing day of the Hallowtide event, so I'm going to organize one!


On the closing day of the Hallowtide event, at 6:00 P.M. MST time, we will be holding a snail race from the start of Gweonid to the hall of Marianople on the server of Conviction. It will be a LONG race, but there will be prizes!
Ehver and I will be paying out of pocket to give you guys a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prize, and consolation prizes to literally EVERYONE who participates, that way everyone has an incentive to show regardless of winning!


The only rules are :
1. No spam inviting or requesting people during the race
2. No domming a guild of participants
3. No songcraft mount speed songs allowed (we will have a few people stationed around to monitor people)
5. You can take literally WHATEVER ROUTE YOU WANT. Use your knowledge of the map and routes to win!
6. No flamming/spamming/harassing other players and or participants

And that's it!


Post below about what kinds of prizes you guys hope to see, and what consolation prizes you'd like as well!

More info will be added to this thread as it is obtained.

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