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If you do not see the NOLF2 server through the launcher...

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If you do not see the NOLF2 server through the launcher, then install the game- server browser "Qtracker"…
1. First download and install Multiplayer for NOLF 2 

2. Install the "LivesForever" mod:
shortcut game - custom - LivesForeaver - Ok - Quit

3. Then Download and install Qtracker
4. After install you need to change setting Qtracker for your game "No One Lives Forever 2":
View - Setting - Games - Installed - "No One Lives Forever 2"
Field "Brouse Qtracker"...
X:\Program Files (x86)\Fox\No One Lives Forever 2\
here X: your disk
Field "Command Line Qtracker"...
-GOMULTIJOIN 1 +join [$server_ip_address]:[$server_port_connect]


5. Right-click on the server - Connect - Now


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This is on the Qtracker site:  There is a try now and buy now option. This is on the buy now option.


Purchase / Register Qtracker
Thanks for your interest in supporting Qtracker! Unfortunately you can't at the moment as I'm moving to something more along the lines of Patreon. 

Qtracker costs a lot to run every month, and I'm the only person working on it. As you can see, there are no ads on the website or program, nor do I sell any user/usage information, so there's no money coming in at all (other than the occasional $20 donation). Something like Patreon could be a perfect fit. 

Please keep in mind that you may not see public releases very often, but there's always lots going on behind the scenes to keep Qtracker up and running every day and that isn't free. 

This page will be updated once a decision's been made as how funding will work in the future. 

So I assume then that downloading it means it will only work for a limited time as a trial product. 

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The Qtracker site makes real online support(money-free) for NOLF games (NOLF, NOLF2 and Contract JACK) for 4 years after GameSpy shut down.
Of course, he needs help...

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