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Grave Of The Fireflies

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Well I think my girlfriend and I have just watched one of the sadest movies ever. It's an anime movie but boy was it said. We were both in tears at the end. Absolutely beautiful but it's certainly a tear jerker.




It's about two kids who lose their parents during the war and they have to survive on their own. I wouldn't recommend it as your first anime but if you have seen some anime movies before and want something really moving - you have to see it. IDBM rates it in the top 200 movies of all time.

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Sounds Interesting, I must try to see that movie.



A Movie that I really liked was called: Life is Beautiful


Made me softly cry in Language Arts class when we were watching it, especially in the middle and the end. My Teacher just burst out crying, and it's her 5454136th time seeing it.


Basic Summary:

"Guido, a Jewish waiter in 1930's Italy, manages a successful romance with the help of his love of life and wacky sense of humor, even though the woman of his dreams -- a schoolteacher in a neighboring Tuscany town -- is engaged to someone else. Five years later, Guido and his little boy end up in a Nazi death camp, and he must call on those same skills for a very different purpose: survival itself. To keep his boy's morale up, the father tells him they are in a big game, and the grand prize for winning is a tank."


My class was watching it in Italian, so we had to read the tiny Sub-titles, I loathed it at first, but then I got used to it and enjoyed it. I really want to see the movie again.

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For anyone here who speaks French (erh, Kait? ya'there?), I think there's ONE film that's even better on the same subject. It was called "train de vie" - a play on words with "train of life" and something that means ... no, I can't find any equivalent. Damn. I doubt it'll ever be distributed in the US, so, feel quite free to download the French version if you can. The subtitle was: "Jewish humour is like German humour, but with humour in it". You'll die laughing, then die crying, then die laughing again. The best "non-serious" movie eve made about the Shoah.




Ma, parli Italiano, Nova?? Puoi provare il tuo Italiano con me quando vuoi... catch me on MSN and let's give it a try! biggrin.gif

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Life is Beautiful was aight....but for a real good Italian movie, try Il Postino.

Better love story-Better music-Better scenery-Even sadder ending.


the star of the movie died right after filming because he kept working on it even though he was sick. but he thought the movie was good enough to keep making and it shows.

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I'm an anime fan, and I've actually tried to stay away from Grave Of The Fireflies because the story is so sad and horrifying. I caught a few minutes of the movie on The International Channel on digital cable-I must say, the English dubbed version was 'okay', but I think the Japanese subtitled version would probably do more justice to the movie.

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I watched with the English subs so I have no idea what the dub was like. Seriously though - don't let the fact it's sad put you off. It was really good.

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