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Messenger no worky

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Yo! My MSN Messenger won't sign me in. I've tried two different accounts and two different program versions (plus two html based ones) with no luck, I've seen to it that nothing is wrong with my internet connection, and I've run the usual spy- and adware and virus checks with no significant results. When troubleshooting the Messenger it says that my default gateway is prolly disconnected, which, needless to say, is nonsense. The MSN service status for the service reports no problems and hasn't changed that point of view at any point while I've had this problem (now about 24 hours).


It's annoying! I feel very disconnected. (Except from my family and friends in town, not to mention that I can always meet folks in Nolf, but still!) Any ideas, tech geniuses?

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Well, joy to the world. I guess msn will be working in no time, now :P


Anywhooo, miss you too spacka. :( Hope this will fix itself soon!



Oh so thats why i ain't seen you!


Miss you already :'(


But yeah, try again laterz. MSN is just spacko!


By golly this was helpful! -_-


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Cannot connect with my two MSN accounts right now...


IPB Image


Is that a common problem ... ?


/edit: Ok, seems to be working again... Plus someone else had the same problem so I guess it was really one with the server.

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lol i have that quite often, happens for example if u try to start msn with your internet turned off :P but also with serverissues now and then :)

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