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In 3.5 right now, how the hell do I get 2000 gilda stars?

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So I just realized. In the library questline, I need to get 2000 gilda stars to get my celestial library earring. I have 250 right now. How the ♥♥♥♥ do I get 1750 more in any sort of reasonable manner?

I can get 5 from blue salt brotherhood, 2 from GR quests, 1 from seabugs, 6 from DGS, 2 from luscas, 3 from hounds, 6 from GR bosses, and uh 12 from mentee quests. Where do I go from there?

That's 37 a day. Which means I would need like 2 months of grinding these ♥♥♥♥ty stars to get my earring finished. The best part is, I grinded the rest of the stuff so I only have like 2 weeks really left until I have everything but the manastones. Any tips on getting more gilda stars? I wasted like 20k labor on this pumpkin event and got maybe 25 or 30 stars so yeah, no thanks on that

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