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Configure controls??


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Well i'm not that stupid that i don't understand how to configure the controls :P


But suddenly now I couldn't move when playing...


So I checked out the conrol section and yes it all said [unassigned]

So what I did next was of course to set everything right, W=forward S=Backward going on like that


I accepted the settings and returned to the game


Like before i couldn't move, the only button that worked was ESC so I pressed it and checked "configure controls" once again and yes it again said: [unassigned] in every slot...

I tried one more time with the same result, after that I made this topic still unknowingly of what the problem was caused by


Yesterday I was playing with no problem at all, or well just lagproblems

Today after a cleanup inside the computer all games started workin better including Nolf, but the problem with the control settings wasn't the only problem I noticed.


I tried the singleplayer and encountered some lag and graphic issues... U know the waterfall in the beginning of Japan, the water coming from that waterfall was shaped like squares :blink:


Yes that would probably be a graphics issue


Here's my comp:


windows xp home edition sp2

videocard: Ati, sapphire radeon 9600 atlantis

3.00 ghz proccesors, intel pentium 4



Somethings really messed up and I really want to get to the bottom of this since i'm off on a lan on thursday.


I will update this topic with things that I find out about this


Thanks :) /Zymon







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I'm just not that patient so i have now reinstalled it


Wich I didn't want to do in hte first place since u have to patch it and fix all mappacks but I'll fix that quite fast


Now finally i can move my characther but i got some heavy lag :/ Tried both singleplayer and online with the same result


So all u fellow nolfers give me some tips and stuff here.... So you all can pwn me online :lol:


put to notice that i got all the requirements for nolf2 to work fine!!

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thanks for your tips guys but i daily check out dxdiag

I always download the latest drivers for my videocard (dowloaded the newest one yesterday actually!)

I got the latest version of directx and I every day run antivirus and adaware wich removes all kind of bad stuff


I will now try to play with my new driverupdates, but there's still much that isn't working like they shud..


Thanks anyway, keep them coming! :)

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try turning off all of the programs you have running in the background. you can even probably disable your firewall/AV programs.



Um..............blue telling someone to run without their firewall............. :blink::blink:


No help desk job for you :P

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Yeah well I don't run uneccesary program whilst playing any games

If I try to it will lag very much


I've just realised that I gotta stop asking ppl about my computer probs since i just wasting your time by saying "already tried that" or "I know computers sometimes are infected by viruses"

No offense though! I like seeing that there is ppl that do care and I thank you guys and girls for that


I've just rebooted the whole computer to start all over again, will tomorrow install nolf again to see how it works and I gotta have everything set until thursday when I'm off on a lan :D


So once again thanks for all your ideas but lets consider this topic closed :)


Cya online




edit: And btw I know quite alot of things about lagproblems now cus of all the information that i've gathered in all forums so feel free to ask me if u got any problems :P

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I've sorted it out!


My videocard was overheated

It was so hot that u almost could boil water on it :P

But now it's sorted out and i'm back playing :)

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