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How do i make a website?

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how can i make a website? i am gonna make a nolf 2 mod website where ppl can post there mods


1) Figure out what all of the steps in this actually mean.

2) Acquire server space.

3) Acquire an HTML editor or learn to write in HTML

4) Build and edit your website on a hard drive.

5) Upload it to the server space, probably using an FTP connection.

6) Trouble shoot it endlessly.

7) Grow old.

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You can use photoshop or Paintshop pro X for this....Design it and then save it in HTML....Add a forum where you can post them (phpbb2 is a good free one)....Its not that hard. This is what I made with photoshop! Feel free to join! http://idesign.thomasgleich.de

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Sonic Goo' date='Oct 25 2006, 08:49 PM' post='67285']

If you're a beginner, many companies that offer (free) webspace also have tools and templates to help you make a site.


Yup, try freewebs. http://members.freewebs.com/page.jsp?page=ourServices Good one but a banner at the top of your site...:) When you speak german, try funpic.de :P Also good one, but some strange rules :/



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