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Battle of the Sexes: Sign Up!!


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It's on!! Men vs Women!


This coming Sunday at 2:00pm eastern


American DD server - password marsandvenus

Maps: Calcutta, Japan, Villa, Antarctic Aggression, Russian Rampage


Blue Ninja Team:

1. Belladonna

2. Catmama

3. Spacko

4. Ion

5. Cel

6. Pati

7. Alice (beurk)

8. whatface


Red Agents Team:

1. Sasser

2. Natter

3. ßahamutZero

4. Mys7ical Guru

5. [GD]Independent

6. Frylock

7. BronzeWarrior

8. Martijn



1. DiscoMIME

2. Blue

3. suglylinni


Sign up is first come, first serve. Teams will be made even. For more information on the past discussions of this event, go to THIS TOPIC. The UnityHQ Teamspeak isn't working at the moment but I hope to have it up for the match.

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Ohhh yes sign me up too please!! :D


Yayayay!! Ladies :flirt: versus men :vinsent: Will be fun!!!


:) Cel

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If u have problems ladies i can switch my name to "Natterine"

or "Natty" and support ur team....if needed...mwhahaha


Btw. i have fought in so much matches that if someone realy want to fight

i can retreat and give my place of course...a bit chocolate and we have a deal

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Put me down on the female team - It'll be good for my character to lose once in a while.






But sure - I'll join to kill a bunch of chicks. It'll fit in just right with the rest of my plans for sunday.




See ya there.

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I thought I would take part into this match. But it seems that then there would be 5 gals, 7 men. hmm.

Would it be 9 pm for me??


You can still join if you bring your girlfriend into the match... :P 9 PM for you (EET); yeah.

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I'm not sure if I can get a PC to play on until sunday, but add me to the roster though please!

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Woohoo! We have enough ladies! If you're a gal and hope to play, post anyway and you can go on backup. As we all know, things happen in real life so it's possible someone might not show.



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