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Nolf2 Hamachi Network!


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For those of u that never have heard of it, I'll describe here what Hamachi is:


Hamachi is a program

With Hamachi u can play LokalAreaNetwork and it doesn't matter where u are located

It creates a Lan network and everyone that is in that network can play with eachother


We are a few guys in TG that plays Nolf daily with eachother on hamachi and u are more than welcome to join in!


It's legal (I guess..) and brilliant


The networks name is nolf2 with password 123

Link for download:


Would be great if u had xfire too but not a must but it would be good with a chatprogram of some kind so u can talk with those that u are going to play with


And well yeah.. You could just go online and play but if there's no servers up or it's full just pop in on hamachi and you'll probably meet many others there and from there start a local game 1v1 or more


Cya around

/Zymon :)





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i think its a bit different. sasser and i just tried to figure this whole thing out. in essence you're correct, but this actually allowed us to get around the master server. we didn't need to have our cd-key verified (which could also raise certain issues).


we were connected to a network through the internet, but from that sasser could host a LAN server which i could access. my ping was a bit high (200-500) but that's because sasser and i are in different countries. this would work well for NA players and euro players. its actually a pretty neat dealy.


if someone set up a permanent hamachi network, the need to pay for servers would be completely moot. just make sure people know the network name and pw and you're set. the only problem is people just starting the game wouldn't know about the whole hamachi network.


i guess the most exciting thing about hamachi is that it allows you to work around the master server. since you'd be playing in a LAN server, no *internet* connection is needed, hence no cd-verification process.



IPB Image

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Hmmm. Does it work for other games too?


I used to be very strict on talk about bypassing the CD Key, but since Sierra/Vivendi/Monolith and anyone else remotely associated with NOLF2 don't seem to care about it and don't support it any longer, I'm getting lax on that.

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It creates a kind of virtual LAN so it should work with other games, wich don't check for CD-Keys in LAN multiplayer mode too..


It creates a Virtual Private Network which is a good thing. All of your VPN traffic is encrypted and authenticated so no one outside the VPN can it figure out. Hamachi should work with any game, file sharing, etc..

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my friends and i play Dota (Warcraft 3) and CS through Hamachi! It really rocks! Absolutely nice pings! :)


I have no experiences about playing with people from NA, but it doesnt sound too good when blue says the ping can go to 500 :/


cool program!

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Lol basshunter... :P Mina kompisar sitter typ och sjunger på den också :P


cmon91@hotmail.com, but it would be even better if u had xfire!


But u shud know that I suck on dota.. but u can come play with us some evening if you'd like :lol:

We just finished a game actually, was fun


Cya around then :)

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