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Greetings~! Newbie here!

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Heyo~~ I was introduced to ArcheAge years ago and have wanted to play ever since. Where I lived at the time though had terrible internet, limited even! But I recently moved, got unlimited internet, and the first night being here I downloaded ArcheAge. :D I'm loving it so far.

I have a ton (sorry) of questions for anyone who's been around the block on the game already... My main character that I want to play as is Arrophiena my Warborn. I'm not very far as her, still in Sunbite and only level twenty-something. I plan to show the game to my boyfriend tomorrow and I feel that he's likely to choose to be a character in the Nuian alliance. Which means he's starting on a different continent I think... my first question is how far into the story do I have to be in order to go to Nuian land or for them to come to mine (is that even possible, too)? Also, if I can go to Nuian land, will everyone and everything there attack me and if so what's the suggested level to go there? Oh and *cringes as I don't want to sound like a traitor* Even though I'm a Warborn... Is there any way to either join the Nuian alliance or possibly be a neutral party? I just don't like the thought of being a bad gal is all... I also remember a tidbit about how two people from different alliances wont be able to chat until they learn the others language, hooowww do I do that???

To anyone with answers, THAAAANK YOOOUUU~~~!!! :p


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