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Maxxed Steam bike stuck upside down

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Soo...just made this as it looked cool and now i discover its pretty ♥♥♥♥ and bugged..

If it flips you're screwed can't reliably get it back upright (and no it's not that hard to flip) can't desummon since you're carrying packs

72hp and at best hits half the speed a roadster? (roadster can hit 30ms lucky to get this over 15/16ms) very nice, not to mention it can't climb as well.

Bugged Radio song stuck on repeat trying to brainwash you all the time.

Now i can handle the slower speed and not as good at climbing but the being stuck upside with no option apart from riders escape is just a joke, is this a bug or is it intended? if its intended its the biggest waste 6k credits ever.

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