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Gearing Up a Prime

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Happy Monday,

I have studied all I can find surrounding the topic, Jahlon and Rhythmn did some great videos on the subject, but the path to 4.5k~ GS seems unclear.

Currently, I'm grinding my mistsong through greater dungeons and leveling along the way. Once I hit 55 I will be able to craft my bow. This spawns my first question, do I upgrade the bow grade right away or tier it up? The actives on the upper tiers seem great, but I don't want to dump gold into upgrades if it loses the progress when jumping tiers.

For armor, I have heroic GHA. Should I go to celestial and sit on it until I can buy obsidian or crafted? Will I be able to get to a decent GS with GHA assuming it's gemmed?

Off weapon set - Rhythm stated dual obby daggers is the way to go due to the range attack boost. Is this still meta? Would be a great spot to save cash.

Jewelery - I've managed to hit t11 halcyona necklace. Working on creating a backup and tooling to t12. Rings and earrings I'm completely lost. Are there any items easily farmable or extremely gold efficient I should aim for?

Costume and undergarments I haven't touched yet. Will eventually work on that.

Cloak - saving for guild cloak.

So with this information known, plus my daily labor yielding roughly 300g/day, which path should I be taking to get some competitive gear?

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