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91 Arcane Treasure Maps

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This is another thread for maps. This time i tested the arcane maps post 3.0 the results are:

41 Moonlight Archeum Crystal
5 Moonlight Archeum Essence
64 Starlight Archeum Crystal
6 Starlight Archeum Essence
47 Sunlight Archeum Crystal
6 Sunlight Archeum Essence
94 Black Pearl
12 Book of Auroria
19 Fine Fire Lunarite
22 Superior Fire Lunarite
27 Fine Wave Lunarite
23 Superior Wave Lunarite
91 Unidentified Gale Lunarite

Total value is ~3130g (I just did a very quick check on auction house)
~34.5g per map
40 labour per map
~86.25 silver per labour

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