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Umm.. Intelligence items.


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I got them all. Now i'd like to know FOR WHAT? I expected a bonus mission or something... no, nothing happened.

Is it supposed to be like that?


It does help you, but it isn't obvious. The rewards at the end of each mission (Victim, ..., SuperSpy) gives you various bonuses to health, armor, ammo, etc..



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QUOTE(Seemann @ Aug 28 2006, 02:42 AM) 65653[/snapback]



Aye. smile.gif Nolf 2 did a better job in this area by letting you spend the points you get for intelligence items on various attributes.

Yeah Nolf2 was quite....a shite.


If you play a random Nolf1level again you can raise the amount of intelligence and get a better rank, you have unlocked all weapons.

As if you do that with Nolf2 your point-counter starts with Zero. You play then as a Beginner, how lame is that.

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