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Combat Pet Heal / Abilities not working sometimes

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I have tested this out on 3 different pets. The Mini-Miner , The Wolf - Pup , and the Warborn porky pine thing. The self heal ability (Health Regen) ( Health Recovery) and whatever the heal for the mini miner is called, does not ALWAYS 100% work. You manually click the ability, the heal animation is shown, the cooldown on the ability is applied, but no health is increased, and there is no text report saying it was. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. It seems that if you have a dead monster selected, and you click the heal, it seems to fail more often than not.

This bug happens MORE on the mini miner and the porky pine, this bug only happens around 10% of the time with the wolf-pup.

Also, defensive abilities are doing the same thing. The damage reflection on the porky pine also has the same fail ratio where the ability animation is shown, the cooldown is applied, but no buff is applied.

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