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USA pwns the Tour de France

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WTF you mean "good job USA"? The last Dane to win anything was this guy...


IPB Image


You think we cornered the market in doping? Europeans practically invented steroid use. In the old days you would have female East German Olympic athletes so filled with pharmacology that by the end of their event they would have a 5 o'clock shadow.



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Reputation as a rider

In the aftermath of the performance enhancing drugs crisis in cycling following the 1998 Tour de France, Riis acquired the nickname of Mr. 60%, a suggestion that he has used doping. Although it is usually stated that this was Riis' nickname in the peloton, there is no evidence to support such a claim, and it has been flatly denied by Danish former rider Brian Holm. The 60% is an allusion to a high hematocrit (red blood cell) level, an indication of EPO usage. It has been published, but never proven, that Riis had a hematocrit level of 56% during one test in July 1995; Well above typical natural levels, as well as his published reading of 41% in the offseason earlier that year.[3] The earliest mention of the nickname can be traced to interviews with riders of Festina in 1998-2000, who apparently suggested that if they had been doped above 50%, then Riis must have been doped to at least 60% since he was able to win the Tour de France in 1996 ahead of the Festina rider Richard Virenque.


The nickname has since caught the public imagination, and is today mostly kept alive by hostile media.


Bjarne Riis was never tested positive, and now run a strict doping policy on his cycling team.



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last weak was bad week for USA`s sports indeed :D First Landis and after that EVEN BIGGER SHOCK Justin Gatlin the world and olympic 100 metres champion and world record holder (with Asafa Powell) fails drugs test. So thats why he didnt want to face Powell :lol: And look at the excuses http://www.eurosport.com/athletics/zurich-...sto935248.shtml



*shocked* :D

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Like I said before, if test B comes up possitive, then he cheated and should be stripped of the title. Same with Gatlin.


A Brit in my office was asking me about the problems with steriod use and the recent crack down in baseball, and American Football. He told me in England, and drug usage whether recreational or performance enhancing warrants a complete bann from the Premiership.

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Didn't know that...


The problem is that they NEVER do admit it. The new term is all about plausibale denial.


"I never KNOWINGLY put any illegal drugs in my body."



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Thank you Goo for the link to Bjarne R.


hey Knix, feel free to prove he was doped :P


And last time we a dane won something.. uhm buhm.. OH YEAH!!! The Mountain Jersey!!! Michael Rasmussen!!! HAHHAHAHAHAHA 2nd year in a row...



usa... :rolleyes:

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Yeah, when you pwn with drugs....



USA.... :\

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